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new free spins casino logoHere at New Free Spins Casino you can read about online casino bonuses. We scan the internet to find new free spins offer that we like to share with you. For many casino players out there the most common question is where to find the best casino bonus. At this website we focus on a particular type of casino bonus called free spins. It means that you get a certain amount of free spins on the slot machine, sometimes without depositing any money. We prefer to write about new free spins casino no deposit but sometimes when there is a really great offer we also write about casinos and offer where you need to make a deposit. Follow our blog below to get some interesting new info on the topic.

Why all this talk about Casino-Bonuses?

There is of course a plethora of different bonuses for you as a new casino player to take advantage of.  So where exactly should you start looking?

Bonuses are there to attract new potential players

Online-casinos attract new players; often by offering generous welcome bonuses. These bonuses can be designed in various ways, and it is not uncommon to give out a deposit bonus when players make their first deposit on the account or site they decide to register on. Other bonuses that you receive when you already have a registration; are therefore called “After sign-up bonuses.” To get a registration bonus; no kind of deposit is required from your part – the only thing you need to do is to register; and open an account on the site in question.

The deposit bonus is always paid out in money; but in terms of a sign up bonus; this bonus can also take the form of so called Free Spins. What this means is that you get a certain number of Free Spins as a welcome bonus to greet you as a new player – This is by far the most regular bonus you will come across when you decide to start playing!

Play on online-casino with a chance to win real money

You can play casino on the net without paying a single penny, yeah that’s right! Firstly, many casinos offer demo- and training games for you to try out before you choose to play with your own money . It’s a great way to learn about casino gambling; and to try games that you havn’t  played before.

But, even if free games give you exercise and perhaps an exciting gaming experience, you’re missing out on the chance to compete for jackpots and other prizes!

Free Spins is like trying a slot for free but winning money at the same time

The only difference here is that you get to play for free and you don’t have to pay. Free spins are awarded, and can be viewed as a bonus, even if they are free games instead of cash. Usually Free Spins comes in one or a few selected games, but they actually involve some of the most popular games; and the chance to win really big jackpots without having to pay the bet. Free Spins are often included as part of a welcome bonus, but it is also common to distribute Free Spins when a new game is launched.

Jackpots and Slots – Is it worth it?

Many people wonder if they should regular slots och jackpot slots. And many people do not understand or think about why there is such a big difference between the two of them. On a jackpot slot, the return to player percentage is in general very low and you do not win often at all. But, if you win you have a chance to win millions. On the other hand, if you are for example clearing a welcome bonus and are close to being able to withdrawal your money it does not make sense to play at jackpots slots. Then there are slots with a higher return to the player but more importantly, they are not so volatile. Meaning that you will win often and little so you can play for a much longer time. A typical jackpot slot with a low return to the player and high volatility is mega fortune dreams and a slot machine with a high return to the player and low volatility is bloodsuckers.

Popular Jackpot Slots

There are jackpots from many different games developers. The highest jackpot is from Mega Fortunes from NetEnt with almost €18 million in winning. Other popular jackpot slots from NetEnt are Hall of Gods, Arabian Nights, Cosmic Fortune and Divine Fortune. But of course, there are other popular jackpots from other developers such as Microgaming, with it most popular game title Mega Moolah. From Playtech, you find a big number of jackpots as well but the one with the biggest jackpot is Jackpot Giant. There are websites where you can see which slot that currently have the biggest jackpot and how many weeks ago that some won. It could help choose the one that you want to play at.

jackpot slots

Which casinos are best for Jackpot slots?

Some casinos that are new do not offer jackpots since it can destroy there bankroll. Some jackpots, however, are shared between operators so it is only positive if someone wins a jackpot at your casino. One of our favourite places to play is at Jackpotslotty that you can find out more about at https://casinomagazine.co.uk/jackpotslotty/. There are also other casinos where you find popular slots. As of now, we would say that there are around 20 jackpot slots that are worthy to play at. Remember to always play responsible and read the bonus terms and conditions before you deposit any money.

Gambling In Ancient America

Gaming seems to be as old as human civilisation. Many of the older cultures from across the world like China, Egypt, Rome, France, Greece and America too had to gamble. Since China was the first to invent paper that led to paper money and then to cards, playing with cards originated here. Many civilisations are also said to have strict punishments for gambling. In fact, ancient emperors like Augustus are said to have had gambling losses. Gambling in ancient America is said to have existed based on certain information unearthed during archaeology.

Ancient American gambling

A 13th-century cave, containing 10,000 objects related to gambling in ancient America, was found by archaeologists in Utah. This perhaps was the first American Casino. The findings included carved sticks, which were used for one of the earliest forms of American gambling. The bats would be thrown to a distance with gamblers guessing whether they would land face up or down. Researchers also claimed that women used these sticks as well as the cane dice to assign daily tasks. Interestingly, men are said to have gambled on the outcome of the women’s gambling.

Gambling In Ancient America


Baccarat entered the United States through Cuba, via Britain. The early settlers from France brought in the vingt-et-un, which evolved as American blackjack. During the 19th century, many casinos sprung up in Europe, while in the United States, it was still more informal. It is said that prosperous farmers going up and down on the Mississippi on steamboats were regular gamblers. Poker has been reported to have played in New Orleans as back as 1829. Later, as we know it today, Las Vegas became the hub of gambling activity in America, and Poker tournaments came up here.

Gambling evolution

America got its first gambling machine in 1891 when Messrs Sittman and Pitt developed one in New York, mostly meant for Poker. Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell machine about the same period, and it was found to be much better, ringing in the real slot game revolution. Nowadays money dispensing devices are ubiquitous in almost all casinos across the world. The European settlers in the United States were wary of gambling whereas the English had a different view altogether. In 1910, gambling was made illegal in the United States due to public pressure. However, the Great Depression and the Wall Street Crash again led to its legalisation, and it is legal in many states.

Online gambling

Today, gambling has gone online pretty much like many other activities around the world. It was in New Jersey that online gambling was legalised in 2011. Many online gambling providers are extending their services through mobiles making it easy for players to participate. A great way to keep up with the newest trends 2018 is to follow this excellent blog about new casinos 2018 http://newcasinos-2018.co.uk/. The advent of cryptocurrency like bitcoin has also created online gambling hugely popular. Since mobile gaming seems to be on the rise, online casinos are adopting technology to provide many options and attract and retain their customers. Hence, the future possibilities look endless with even VR being used for online gambling.

How does online casinos target their players?

In recent years, many new online casinos have been launched on the marketplace, and more and more players are constantly looking for new innovations and a different experience. Of course, most casino -today demand a good welcome offer with something extra like, for example Free Spins, or other types of bonuses. The question is, should you try out the new casinos online; or should you stick with the ones you already know of?

Almost all serious new uk casinos 2018 have real bonuses for new players; often with a combination of free money and free spins. The only requirement to try a new casino is that you don’t have created an account before, that you are over 18 and finaly; willing to test an exciting new casino experience. An example of a very playful new casino-place is NYSpins, which have games from many different developers and is also very user-friendly to boot. Everything is categorized in a smart way that allows you to find all the new games fast and easy!It does’nt take many minutes before you have familiarized yourself with what NYSpins have to offer.players

Why so many new casinos?

The online gaming market has grown with a considerably rate in recent years, and with today’s modern mobile phones; it’s almost always possible to play new online casinos – wherever you might be.  On average, at least 5 new online casinos are launched in the UK, every month, and many of them are actually surprisingly good. It is therefore common that many  players often change their casino of choice to try new ones.

Target the right players

Many casino companies create new casinos that have different target goups. For example the Casino named “Garbo” is primarily designed for female players; while the Casino “Metal Casino” may attract male players more, much due to the image they want to convey. Of course male players are allowed to play at Garbo Casino and vice versa; but we are seeing a shift in how the casino companies are managing their advertisement and primary focus. Mostly because the big competition in the industry.


Experience The Football World Cup with LeoVegas

Do you have a great passion for football? Then join the LeoVegas Football Club! Throughout the 2017/18 season, all customers who play football on the phone at LeoVegas will be able to become part of its distinguished football club;  where you can put your paws on a lot of amazing prices! In addition to games, winnings and bonuses, LeoVegas FC will issue a VIP package every month; until May at one of the World Cup matches in Russia next summer. Lace up your soccer-shoes and hunt down the nice prizes today.


Leo FC

Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, La Liga – Yes, August is usually one month when most of Europe’s biggest football leagues are starting. To celebrate the start of the 2017/18 football season; the popular online casino LeoVegas has chosen to lower the threshold slightly; making it easier than ever to join LeoVegas FC. Generally, bonuses are required via the mobile phone; for one month to qualify for its exclusive premium club, but in August you only need to add 21 live games. LeoVegas is one of the most popular gambling websites in the UK. If you want to get free spins from a licensed UK casino check out casinoviking.com/free-spins/. The Casino Viking is always giving you some extra great deals and offers that is difficult to resist.

Get a Team Shirt

But the benefits do not stop there. Once you have added at least 21 live games in August; LeoVegas FC will make you feel even more welcome by giving you a team shirt from your favorite team.

During each month until May 2018, the sport online 2018 club will invite its members to a lot of cool prices. As mentioned earlier, 50 live games are required via the mobile to subscribe to the Premium Club; but along the way you can download everything from winnings to games and live casino bonuses. LeoVegas FC welcomes you.

If you “put down” 50 live games in a month, you become a member of LeoVegas FC’s Premium Club; offering an even more competitive sport-betting experience. As a member of the premium club; you can look forward to additional bonuses and tickets to some of the world’s biggest games. The premium player who adds the most qualified games each month is also awarded a prize package for the World Cup 2018; while the other premium players qualify for a draw where another prize package for the World Cup is awarded.

Mobile Casinos 2017 – Some great Ones

With technology development regarding mobile phones and the fact that mobile phones are more or less like computers, you can now play mobile casino under very good conditions.


Mobilbet offers around 360 different games and collaborates with several famous casino providers like Net Entertainment, Playtech, Microgaming, Evolution and Play’n Go. In the game range, there are scratchcards, Bingo and VideoPoker classic table games, as well as big amounts of video slots and slot machines. Of course, you can also play on big progressive jackpots, such as the super popular Mega Fortune. Those who like to challenge real dealers can also visit Mobilbets Live Casino for a live round of Roulette or Blackjack. If sports is your thing, there is also the opportunity to try out the odds of odds or live betting. You do not need to download any software to play at Mobilbet without just opening the site in the browser start playing! If you are lucky you might even be able to find some free spins you can use to play for free. At freespinsnow.co.uk they are right now listing some great offer that makes you spin the wheel for free. Check it out!

Mucho Vegas Mobile

Grab a Piña Colada, choose your favourite game and enjoy the good life! It’s this message that Mucho Vegas itself wants to convey to their players – and they definitely succeed. Here you will find an easy and fun atmosphere in the form of Spanish colours and shapes. An abundant game range full of slots, both popular and less well-known is at your disposal. Here you will find slots online from the largest suppliers in the industry. Mucho Vegas has a total of over 950 different games to choose from and describes their casino as a single big fiesta. There are also a variety of classic table games, including Roulette and Poker. If you are looking for excitement, there is also a live casino, as well as the opportunity to play video poker online. In other words, there is a lot to do here!


Here we talk about a pretty small casino that does its own thing,  doesn’t follow all other casinos. Viks want their customers to have a modern gaming experience which is fun and exciting. Their focus is on giving their customers an exciting and adventurous world-class experience!

You will find games at the online casino created by some of the industry’s biggest, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NYX and Play’n GO. They create all kinds of online games like video slots, classic slots, table games, video poker, scratch cards and live casino. In other words, you will definitely find something that suits you.

Jurassic Park World Slot by Microgaming

During the 1993, the first Jurassic Park film had it’s world wide premiere, and today it can be called a real cult movie. As late as 2015, it was time again – Jurassic World took cinemas around the world by storm; and now, two years later we get the first Jurassic World Online Slot. The manufacturer Microgaming has taken the film and created an authentic slot machine based on the movie, as the manufacturer has succeeded in working with Universal Studios, graphics are used in the form of real images and clips from the actual cinema flick! This means, that you among other things, getting acquainted with various prehistoric dinosaurs, actors Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and the theme park that is Jurassic World. If you like slots that are based on real movies right from the white screen and especially action, do not miss new Jurassic World Online Slot from Microgaming the next time you log in to your favorite casino!

Jurassic World

Joker and Scatter in the Jurassic World Online Slot

The famous logo for Jurassic World is also the game’s joker. As usual, the symbol replaces everyone else in the game to increase your chances of winning. However, this does not apply to the scatter symbol that is also included in the Slot. As if it were not enough, you have the chance to get ten stacked wilds in this gaming machine from Microgaming.

The amber with the old mosquito is the scatter symbol and ff you get two of them in the main game, the symbols are converted to wilds. Instead, if you get at least three scatter symbols in the game, you activate spins with an associated bonus feature!


When unlocking spins in the game, you get a random feature for the 15th activation where you get the chance to choose yourself. In Jurassic World Online Slot you get 10 spins when you trigger the bonus. Then there are three different bonus features that you can keep track of:

Gyrosphere Valley: Here the multiplicator increases for each run as you do not win anything. When you win, the multiplier is reset. With these spins, the mode can only end with a winning hit.

Creation Lab: Here, so-called “Rolling Reels” can win several wins in a row. Cryo Wilds stays under these spins in three wins. In this mode, winning symbols are deleted to accommodate new symbols.

Raptor Den: Here are all scatter symbols jokrar and these remain until you get more spins – three scatter symbols or more give you 5 spins.

Casinos and Free Spins 2018

By 2017, more than 30 new online casinos have been released; and by 2018 the number of players will be expected to reach at least the same levels, even though some experts disagree. Here we will try to choose the best and newest options on the web as they appear. Expectations and excitement over which new online casinos are released in 2018 are increasing for each day. It will be an exciting year, with more and better payment methods; as well as more gameification and more stylish designs. Some examples of new casinos already include Mucho Vegas and Boombet Casino – both of which  just launched. Immediately when any new site is released in 2018, we will try to update you on this page!


VR casinos:

The technology development has also affected the online casinos industry. The introduction of VR (virtual reality) is something that is also coming to an increasing number of casino online in 2018. But if it really comes through and how the virtual glasses will be handed out is still a big question. Perhaps more and more will be doing it like Slots Million, the first Real Money VR Casino; where  VR glasses are awarded to anyone who deposits at least $ 100 or more? At the beginning of this year there are only about 40 popular games available in 3D, but if you are going to go a little about how the market is heading, this type of technology will increase significantly in 2018. Experience will be more realistic and it will be Difficult to distinguish between ordinary life and VR 🙂

More Live casinos

Initiated in 2016, a new trend saw the light of day, namely more and better live casinos. New casino-developers have launched a live casino-offer and more are coming. The goal seems to be giving players similar environments that can be perceived, for example, when visiting a brick and mortar-casino. Developments in 2018 are likely to be increasing the number of live casinogames on handheld devices; which has not been optimal during 2016-2017. While Evolution Gaming will hopefully continue to be one of the the most innovative ones when it comes to live casino in 2018, NetEnt’s new life game will probably also be a big success.

More gamification:

Gamification is a trend that began in 2015 with single online casino such as Casumo continued this in 2016 with, among other things, casinos such as: Kaboo, Ikubu and Rizk. The trend of gamification or gaming is expected to continue this year and beyond. New casinos try to change reward-systems and players get really good bonusoffers using the evolution for gamification. It will be more exciting to play at new casino 2018 with the help of this rising trend – often in forms of spins on bonuses or the like. It may also be about offers, competitions and various challenges.

Launch of our website

new free spins casino iconFinally we are launching our new website that will take be focusing on new free spins casinos in UK. We have been playing on different casino sites for a long time and want to share our experiences. We scan the internet on a daily basis to find the best out there. So why not share our findings here with you. Hopefully you will enjoy our tips and find something that you otherwise wouldn’t have tested. If you have any recommendations of free spins casino that we should write about, do not hesitate to contact us. But make sure to recommend something that is good. We only list the best of the best on this website. Wish you all the best and look forward to hear from you all!