Jurassic Park World Slot by Microgaming

During the 1993, the first Jurassic Park film had it’s world wide premiere, and today it can be called a real cult movie. As late as 2015, it was time again – Jurassic World took cinemas around the world by storm; and now, two years later we get the first Jurassic World Online Slot. The manufacturer Microgaming has taken the film and created an authentic slot machine based on the movie, as the manufacturer has succeeded in working with Universal Studios, graphics are used in the form of real images and clips from the actual cinema flick! This means, that you among other things, getting acquainted with various prehistoric dinosaurs, actors Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and the theme park that is Jurassic World. If you like slots that are based on real movies right from the white screen and especially action, do not miss new Jurassic World Online Slot from Microgaming the next time you log in to your favorite casino!

Jurassic World

Joker and Scatter in the Jurassic World Online Slot

The famous logo for Jurassic World is also the game’s joker. As usual, the symbol replaces everyone else in the game to increase your chances of winning. However, this does not apply to the scatter symbol that is also included in the Slot. As if it were not enough, you have the chance to get ten stacked wilds in this gaming machine from Microgaming.

The amber with the old mosquito is the scatter symbol and ff you get two of them in the main game, the symbols are converted to wilds. Instead, if you get at least three scatter symbols in the game, you activate spins with an associated bonus feature!


When unlocking spins in the game, you get a random feature for the 15th activation where you get the chance to choose yourself. In Jurassic World Online Slot you get 10 spins when you trigger the bonus. Then there are three different bonus features that you can keep track of:

Gyrosphere Valley: Here the multiplicator increases for each run as you do not win anything. When you win, the multiplier is reset. With these spins, the mode can only end with a winning hit.

Creation Lab: Here, so-called “Rolling Reels” can win several wins in a row. Cryo Wilds stays under these spins in three wins. In this mode, winning symbols are deleted to accommodate new symbols.

Raptor Den: Here are all scatter symbols jokrar and these remain until you get more spins – three scatter symbols or more give you 5 spins.