Experience The Football World Cup with LeoVegas

Do you have a great passion for football? Then join the LeoVegas Football Club! Throughout the 2017/18 season, all customers who play football on the phone at LeoVegas will be able to become part of its distinguished football club;  where you can put your paws on a lot of amazing prices! In addition to games, winnings and bonuses, LeoVegas FC will issue a VIP package every month; until May at one of the World Cup matches in Russia next summer. Lace up your soccer-shoes and hunt down the nice prizes today.


Leo FC

Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, La Liga – Yes, August is usually one month when most of Europe’s biggest football leagues are starting. To celebrate the start of the 2017/18 football season; the popular online casino LeoVegas has chosen to lower the threshold slightly; making it easier than ever to join LeoVegas FC. Generally, bonuses are required via the mobile phone; for one month to qualify for its exclusive premium club, but in August you only need to add 21 live games.

Get a Team Shirt

But the benefits do not stop there. Once you have added at least 21 live games in August; LeoVegas FC will make you feel even more welcome by giving you a team shirt from your favorite team.

During each month until May 2018, the sport online 2018 club will invite its members to a lot of cool prices. As mentioned earlier, 50 live games are required via the mobile to subscribe to the Premium Club; but along the way you can download everything from winnings to games and live casino bonuses. LeoVegas FC welcomes you.

If you “put down” 50 live games in a month, you become a member of LeoVegas FC’s Premium Club; offering an even more competitive sport-betting experience. As a member of the premium club; you can look forward to additional bonuses and tickets to some of the world’s biggest games. The premium player who adds the most qualified games each month is also awarded a prize package for the World Cup 2018; while the other premium players qualify for a draw where another prize package for the World Cup is awarded.